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Riccardo Gaffeo

His studies 2018: Diploma from technical institute IIS Duca Degli Abruzzi(PD). Spoken languages Italian, english Free time Fascinated by insects since i was a child. Sometimes i dedicate myself to preparing them, especially Lepidottera. In my free time, i like [...]

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Alice Canal

Her studies 2015: High School Diploma – Liceo Scientifico e delle Scienze Applicate Alvise Cornaro (PD). Final vote: 85/100 2018: Bachelor’s degree in Biology – Università degli Studi di Padova. Final vote: 98/110 2020: Master’s degree in Natural Sciences – [...]

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Davide Bonetto

His studies Born and grown up in Padua, he graduated at the Curiel High School in 2015. Later he attended the University of Padua where he graduated in environmental science and technology in 2018 with the thesis “Effects of climate [...]

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Matteo Cecconello

His studies In 2014 gained the Diploma at the Technical Agriculture School “Duca degli Abruzzi” in Padua. In the same year he began the University career in Landscape Protection and Territorial Reorganization at Padua University. Spoken languages Italian and English [...]

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Moreno Dutto

His studies In 2001 he got his Diploma in Agricultural Engineering and in the same year he obtained a specialization in Land Management. Since 2002 he has attended over 70 training courses related to professional subjects. In 2010 he became [...]

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Maria Clemente

Her studies 2011: Diploma from Liceo Classico C. Sylos, Terlizzi (BA); Graduation Thesis 2014: Bachelor Degree in Biology at Padua University with a thesis on mimicry among the Hoverflies (Fam. Syrphidae) 2016: University degree Degree in Evolutionary Biology at Padua [...]

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Giulia Spano

Her studies In 2015 she was achieved a Diploma at “Liceo Scientifico Galileo Galilei (Venice)”. In 2018 he obtained a First-Cycle Degree in Environmental Science and Technology at Padua University. Graduate thesis Thesis title: “Attractiveness evaluation of various stimuli on [...]

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Patrizia Visentin

His studies 2009: Diploma from Primo Levi Upper Secondary Science School, mark 95/100. 2012: First-Cycle Degree in Biology at Bologna University with a thesis on the chestnut gall wasp, a typical example of an invasive species. Mark 92/110. 2014: Second-Cycle [...]

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Stefano Vettore

His studies In 2004 he was awarded a Diploma in Agriculture at the Duca degli Abruzzi State Technical Institute in Padua. In 2008 he obtained a First-Cycle Degree in Environmental Science and Technology at Padua University, discussing a thesis on [...]

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Christian Vettorato

His studies In 2005 he was awarded a Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunications at the Girolamo Cardano Technical Institute, Piove di Sacco, in the province of Padua. In 2008 he obtained a First-Cycle Degree in Environmental Science and Technology at [...]

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