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Moreno Dutto

Moreno Dutto


His studies

In 2001 he got his Diploma in Agricultural Engineering and in the same year he obtained a specialization in Land Management.
Since 2002 he has attended over 70 training courses related to professional subjects.
In 2010 he became expert for the beekeeping, silkworm and chemical sectors (the C.C.I.A.A. of Cuneo)
Registered as expert and technical consultant at the Court of Cuneo (Saluzzo).
Member of the European Association Forensic Entomology, the Royal Entomological Society and the Royal Biological Society.

Individual professional experiences

From 2008 to 2012 he was a freelance entomologist at the Prevention, Hygiene and Public Health Department of the CN1 ASL, dealing with health and environmental issues related to arthropods.
At the same time he has been working as an entomologist since 2008, including important pest control companies among his clients.

Spoken languages

Italian, English and French.

Free time

Mountain enthusiast since he was a boy, CAI memebr since 2018.
I love my job so much that entomology is one of my main passions and occupations of leisure time.
Another passion is represented by collecting antique technical texts.