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Patrizia Visentin

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The pleasure lies not in discovering truth, but in searching for it.

Patrizia Visentin


His studies

2009: Diploma from Primo Levi Upper Secondary Science School, mark 95/100.
2012: First-Cycle Degree in Biology at Bologna University with a thesis on the chestnut gall wasp, a typical example of an invasive species. Mark 92/110.
2014: Second-Cycle Degree in Evolutionary Biology at Bologna University with a thesis on a study of the potential utilisation of cyclopoid copepods in the biological fight against Aedes species mosquitoes in Trentino. Mark 110/110.

Individual professional experiences

A seven-month internship at the Parasitology Laboratory of the Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie at Legnaro, province of Padua.

Spoken languages

Italian, English.

Free time

Play volleyball, reading,