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Entostudio offers PMC and Biocides testing:
– liquid, dust and aerosol insecticides
– topical, portable and ambient repellents
– coils, candles, mats and fumigators
– baits.
– We also test electronic devices and traps.

Lab Tests
New laboratories came into service in 2011. With our air-conditioning system and our centralised control of light intensity and duration, enable us to conduct tests within strictly controlled parameters. Powerful fans extract and purify the air in the test rooms after each test. An array of macro video cameras is installed so that we can watch the progress of the test while avoiding possible deterioration caused by personnel coming and going into and out of the test rooms; moreover, the entire procedure can be filmed on a video file.
We breed various insect species in our laboratories so we can conduct tests all the year round and we can meet our clients’ requirements even for types of insects not found in our facilities thanks to our vast network of international contacts.

Semi-field screenhouse test
In 2021, tunnel screenhouses 10 meters long and 3 meters wide were built to perform tests to evaluate the effectiveness of ambient repellents. The use of screenhouses allows the use of laboratory mosquitoes and therefore virus-free for the safety of operators, to perform tests without having to wait for the natural environmental infestation (it is sufficient that the temperature is adequate to have the mosquitoes active) and allows to be able to define the level of infestation.
Other 100 m2 screenhouses have been built to evaluate the effectiveness of traps or for testing repellents in conditions closer to field conditions.

Field tests
Field tests are our particular area of expertise. Having long experience in operating in the pest control sector, we have come into contact with many species of infesting insects on which our field tests can be conducted.
The tiger mosquito is found in very high densities in the area in which Entostudio is located owing to the particular temperature, humidity and rainfall conditions and the ideal urban structure for this insect, abounding in parks and residential areas with many gardens. This mosquito is the perfect species on which field tests can be performed because it has diurnal habits and is very aggressive and active throughout the day, so that skin and ambient repellents can be tried out against it in field conditions: it can be counted upon to be active for 12 to 14 hours, out of the question for any other species in Europe.

Testing abroad
Over the years we have created an operating network which can conduct field tests when it is not possible to do so in Italy (for example in the event of the lack of a species or owing to weather conditions). Accordingly, we can perform tests on black flies in Spain, on lice or Argentine ants in Argentina, on wasps during the South American winter or on tiger mosquito repellents in Thailand. We are always ready to bring more people and companies into our activities, expanding our network of contacts every day.


Species available at our breeding facilities


Testing Photogallery



Details on insecticide and repellent testing  
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