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Entomological consulting services

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Entomological consulting services
Entomological consulting services

Entostudio offers its experience to public authorities and supports them in controlling urban infestation levels by:

Drawing up specifications for pest control contracts.
Services to request from the contractor, choice of active principles, scoring methods, assessment of plans and proposals.

Pest control campaign strategy planning.
Choosing operating procedures according to area and specific needs, advising on the use of selective active principles in highly sensitive environments, finding preventive strategies.

Supervision of pest control measures.
Assessing the efficacy of larvicides and adulticides and the consumption of rat bait.

Support with entomological issues.
Finding the causes of bites and stings, inspecting on site to search for samples, determining evidence.

Monitoring of mosquitoes and other dipterans for research and health surveillance.

Mapping of breeding sites. Georeferencing and map processing.


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