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Who we are

Our activity

Entostudio is an entomology laboratory which specialises in testing insecticides and repellents, conducting field tests and developing pest control protocols. We work for public authorities, repellent manufacturers, universities and multinational companies

Our Mission

To create and develop new methods for testing all kinds of repellents and insecticides as realistically as possible; to help public authorities with their pest control campaigns by means of effective, non-invasive and inexpensive techniques; and to help private businesses by giving them swift and expert support in dealing with their infestation problems.

Our Vision

We believe in cooperation rather than competition and we believe that commercial factors must not compromise our environment and our health. We also believe that we must always try to do what we do as well as we can.

Our team

Our firm employs entomologists and laboratory engineers / technicians.

“The highest walls are the ones built by our own mind” (Andrea Drago)


Andrea Drago


“When a man armed with a pistol meets a man armed with a rifle, the man with the pistol is a dead man” (Gian Maria Volontè – Per un pugno di dollari – 1964)


Simone Martini


“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” (Confucius)


Stefano Vettore




The pleasure lies not in discovering truth, but in searching for it.


Patrizia Visentin


Maria Clemente

Evolutionary Biologist

All that is not known appears extraordinary - Arthur Conan Doyle


Giulia Spano




Matteo Cecconello


Moreno Dutto


Davide Bonetto


Entostudio’s numbers


Testing and experimentation for companies

Advice and consultancy for pubblic bodies

Breeding species

What we do

Entostudio tests the efficacy of biocides for manufacturers and distributors. Testing protocols are customised to our clients’ needs while following available guidelines (TNsG, WHO, EPA, HSE, OECD, ECHA, etc.) as far as possible. Entostudio provides consulting services for public authorities to help them to manage problems arising from vexatious insects, mainly but not only mosquitoes.

Entostudio also identifies breeding sites by earth-coordinated mapping, works out operating strategies, monitors their outcomes and drafts contracts which meet public authorities’ specific needs.

An effective fight against infestation by tiger mosquitoes, flies and rats cannot overlook the importance of engaging the population in the campaign. Together with our partners, who are experts in communication strategies, with poster artists, advertising experts and video firms, we produce information material and arrange meetings and other events to spread prevention messages.

Our competence
Research and development
Protocol development
Entomological development
Information campaigns

About us


We have been working with Entostudio for many years now, testing our innovative repellents against tiger mosquitos. We respect and appreciate Andrea Drago and his team’s scientific competences and technical skills, as well as their constant availability and openness to research.


After many years of collaboration we can confirm that Entostudio has always offered us professional service and a high standard scientific team. Their strength also relies on staff members who are always ready for dialogue and cooperation. Entostudio has always been offering full flexibility during project making, and their timings have been constantly professional; all these are fundamental qualities during experimentation and testing phase.
Dr. Paolo Manella
R&D- Safety product Manager