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Andrea Drago

“The highest walls are the ones built by our own mind” (Andrea Drago)

Andrea Drago


His studies

In 1988 he was awarded a Diploma in Agriculture at the A. Scorciarini Coppola State Technical Institute. In 1997 he obtained a Degree in Agrarian Sciences at Padua University.

Degree Thesis

”Colonisation by arthropods in spontaneous and recently planted hedges: a study covering three years of observations”

PhD Thesis

Looking for the gold standard: assessment of the effectiveness of four traps for collecting host seeking mosquitoes in Mantua, Italy.

Languages spoken

English and Spanish: good; French: improving; Italian: mother tongue; studying Mandarin.


Leisure time is scarce, but when there is some, reading, fly-fishing, off-road motorcycling and MTB, travelling, cooking, mountain trekking.