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Davide Bonetto

Davide Bonetto


His studies

Born and grown up in Padua, he graduated at the Curiel High School in 2015. Later he attended the University of Padua where he graduated in environmental science and technology in 2018 with the thesis “Effects of climate change in Antarctica”. He is currently near to get the master’s degree in environmental sciences with an experimental thesis on the sampling of storm drains for mosquito control in Veneto.

Individual professional experiences

He’s always been passionate about cinema and sport, during his university studies he began to take an interest in environmental issues, following the problems of its territory (including Strategic Environmental Assessment and LIFE program). He has also developed a passion for beekeeping and agricultural activities in the family farm.

Spoken languages

Italian and English

Free time

During his free time, he likes to spend time in nature areas or visit cities or historical villages.