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An entire outsourced R&D department at the price of a test

An entire outsourced R&D department at the price of a test
An entire outsourced R&D department at the price of a test

Entostudio is not merely a laboratory which tests the efficacy of insecticides and repellents for registering biocides, but a partner which stands at its clients’ side in researching and developing new products. In fact our operational methods entail ongoing interaction with the client during the experimental phases: we report the progress of tests in real time so that our client need waste no time in making changes, varying procedures, dosage or manner of application or even stopping the tests.

This means saving time and resources and speeding up the process of the preparation of the product, which can therefore be put on the market more rapidly.

Experimental protocols can be fully personalised in order best to fit in with the characteristics of each specific product.

With our experience in the pest control sector, we at Entostudio are also able to support businesses in their choice of market positioning, advising the most appropriate efficacy tests and the most attractive targets on the basis of each product.

Entostudio is much more than a laboratory: we are a trustworthy partner putting a fully fledged external R&D department at our clients’ disposal at the price of a test. We help to make our clients’ products more efficacious and more competitive.

Among our services are:

  • support in working out a plan for the development of our clients’ products;
  • reporting results of current tests in real time;
  • readiness to make changes to procedures and dosage while the tests are running;
  • willingness to stop tests at any time;
  • screening tests at low prices;
  • absolute confidentiality.
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