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Field tests all the year round

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Field tests all the year round
Field tests all the year round

Summer is a busy period for testing biocides. While many tests can be conducted on bred species in the laboratory, for many others we need field conditions or species that are only to be found in nature:

  • PT18 for professional use against mosquitoes: larvicides or adulticides in outdoor environments;
  • PT 18 for professional use in indoor environments: vermin in foodstuffs;
  • tiger mosquito repellents in outdoor environments: plug-ins, coils, candles, sprays;
  • PT18 and PT19 in outdoor environments: ants, wasps, gadflies, blackflies, etc.;
  • traps: sandflies, gadflies, blackflies, mosquitoes, biting and non-biting

We at Entostudio can carry out field tests at any time of the year without waiting for fine weather to come. Thanks to our cooperation and agreements with major research centres and firms in the southern hemisphere and the tropics, our laboratory can conduct field tests while it is the middle of the winter in Europe. Tests are carried out on the target species (Vespula germanica, Aedes albopictus) or species belonging to the same family (Simulidae, Tabanidae, Ceratopogonidae, etc.).

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